Thursday, July 17, 2014

Did someone say "Pickle Dish"!!

Summer is in session and that means tons of fun in the sun!  We of course still find time to play with fabric though!  

We've been putting in some hours on Pickle Dish test blocks.  Excited?  We are!!

This is all we are going to share with you right now....can't spoil the fun...yet!

We've been wanting to come up with this block since coming up with Metro Rings.  It's always been a favorite!! to test another block!

~Sew Kind of Wonderful~

Monday, July 14, 2014

Chic and Checkered did not Disappoint!!

Chic and Checkered - Way To Be!!
At the Small Town Quilt Show in Midway, UT we entered our Chic and Checkered quilt to be judged - hoping it would not disappoint... and it didn't!! It won 1st place in the Modern category. Hooray! :)
And besides...who can resist those delicious "oreo" rings anyway!?!! 
Its been described as a bit of eye-candy for modern quilt enthusiasts! This pattern can be found in our book Contemporary Curved Quilts

-Sew Kind of Wonderful-
Happy Quilting! :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fabulous Quilt Show, Classes, Reunion and a Sneak Peek!

WOW!! Sew Kind of Wonderful has sure been busy!! It all started a couple of weeks ago in beautiful Midway, UT at the Small Town Quilt Show. We loved our time there and especially enjoyed meeting new quilters and reacquainting with familiar ones! 

Very few people took issue with walking on our quilt.  For the most part, everyone was willing (although it took a little coaxing) to step outside their "quilting box" and lay aside those "quilting rules" and take a little stroll on our quilt.  We figure that is what Sew Kind of Wonderful is about...stepping outside our boxes and breaking a few of those quilting rules. ;) 

 Our kits sold like hotcakes! We're very happy with the response we received regarding the kits and will most likely have more available in the future. 
We had a wonderful time teaching our two classes! Our classes were full of delightful ladies who caught on very quickly!! Smart quilters! 
Jenny's kids had soooo much fun playing with their cousins in Saratoga Springs, UT but were excited to see mom after a few days! 
This past week our family reunited for our bi-annual Morris/Passey reunion.  We had a blast! Swimming, fishing, eating, four wheeling, hiking, eating, games, shotgun shooting, talent night and did we mention EATING!! ;)
And...the highlight for us was making these adorable sock monkeys! :)
Jenny's been working on a very fun new pattern! A little twist on a popular traditional pattern. Here's a little sneak peek. Enjoy! :D
We hope everyone is having a fun filled Summer and getting in tons of quilting!

 -Sew Kind of Wonderful-

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Small Town Quilt Show!!

Yay!! This awesome week has finally arrived!! We are very excited for the Small Town Quilt Show in Midway, Utah. We are looking forward to the classes we're teaching, trunk show and booth. We'll have plenty of our product there including our most recent patterns and kits!!
Yes!!...We have kits! Several of our patterns are now in nice neat little kits ready for the show! :) 

Spending this week in Midway/Heber Utah is bit like coming home for us! Helen lived in Heber for many years and we all loved to visit her and her family there. This beautiful valley, combined with beautiful quilts and beautiful women will surely make for a very pleasant week indeed! We hope to see many of  our quilting friends there!! :) We'll be sure to post plenty of pictures of our fabulous week in Midway! :)
~Sew Kind of Wonderful~

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sewing for fun

I've been playing around with a design for fun!  I'm using a few blocks from our Curve it Up pattern.  Here is the last layout I came up with.

Here is another one....

I challenged myself to only use prints.  Fun too.

I think maybe a combination of both is what I'm after now.  More prints...less solid.  

My plan is to make four and when sewed together have a super fun quilt!  Maybe a QAL...??

~Sew Kind of Wonderful~ 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Market Quilt!!

We had a fun time demoing (might have just made up a word :D) quilt blocks at market.  Jenny and Helen were experts at it and Sherilyn caught on quickly!! :)
We ended up with about 92 blocks!! That's a lot of demoing!! 
Helen and Jenny said, "Sherilyn, you take these blocks and have fun!!" 
"OK" she said!! 
Sherilyn had fun coming up with many possibilities!! 
Finally decided on this! :)
Which was awesome but....when she
 began putting the blocks together she ran into a little difficulty.  3 of us demoing plus a few observers (which was awesome), and two different sewing machine made for a variety of blocks. Lets just say some of those seems were a little "wonkie"!! :/
No PROBLEM!! That's what this great little tool is for!! :) Sunday afternoon Sherilyn had a ripping party!!
Sherilyn didn't LOVE some of the other possibilities so she got her blocks out and started playing some more. :) All of a sudden it came to her and back to the sewing machine she went with a cup full of delicious butter mints!! Jenny and Judi are so influential!! ;)
A day later...
Sherilyn was very happy with the results as were Jenny and Helen. Yay!! Success!! Now, what to call it...hmmmm....
It's on it's way to AZ for Helen to quilt!! Fun stuff!! :D

-Sew Kind of Wonderful-

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Quilt Market 2014!!

Quilt Market!
Pittsburgh, PA
We had an amazing time at the quilt market this year in Pittsburgh!!
From start to finish, we had a blast! :)

You wouldn't believe what went into getting to this point! Many little decisions, a lot of hard work and sore backs but definitely well worth it! 
Here's a little glimpse of the process.
Jenny's long legs didn't have much room in that van but managed like a pro...of course she did! ;)

Helen's daughter, Leanna, was a trooper!! We couldn't have managed without her!

School House was sooo much fun!! We had a full room and managed to get through all of our quilts! 

The first day was a whirlwind and a bit overwhelming. Sherilyn and Leanna felt a little like deer in the headlights but managed to get through it and SURVIVED!! By the second day they were old pros!:) We finally got to meet many quilters we had communicated with on line.  Quilters are the most FUN! Right!?!! We also got to meet a few well knowns! Fun for us! :)

Eleanor Burns and Joel Dewberry!!! No biggie! ;)

This beautiful lady on the right, was the first to buy our book at market!! Epic moment! :) And Judi Madsen (fabulous famous quilter), on the left, was our pal here at market.  We all bonded with her and love her to pieces!! She's so adorable and fun fun fun!! :)
And of course, we have to eat right!? A little bonding over some yummy, and at times, not so yummy food!! haha!
Leanna, Sherilyn, Judi, Jenny, Helen

Sherilyn and Jenny
Leanna and Helen

Clean up went a lot quicker than set up! Hurrah for that!! :P  And a little celebrating with what else? TCBY White Chocolate Mousse! Yuuum! :)
3 days at market, 92 demos and 92 demo blocks!! Yes!! A "market quilt" is already in the works! 

We had a wonderful and memorable time at our first quilt market with a booth! We loved meeting so many fabulous quilters, shop owners, etc... etc..! Thank you for all the kind words and support we received! We are nothing but grateful for this great experience! 

Much love! 
Jenny, Helen, Sherilyn, and Leanna

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Book Giveaway Winners!

It was fun reading everyone's comments.  We don't always hear from Quick Curve Ruler owners and how they have enjoyed the all of your comments were a big treat for us!  Thanks so much!!

Thanks to the Random Number Generator, two winners have been chosen for our new book "Contemporary Curved Quilts"!

Number 101 was G Cianci!

G Cianci said...
I bought your ruler to make my very first quilt ever and I couldn't be happier. My two year old is so proud of his "quilt blanket mommy made" for his twin bed. I praise how easy your ruler is to anyone who will listen - thank you for creating something that makes curves truly easy! I can't wait to use it again soon. 

Number 146 was April's Creations!

April's Creations NC said...

Love your ruler! Have had it for close to 2 years! I have made several quilt tops along with 2 table runners and 3 more patterns I have purchased to make.
Would love to win your new book!

Congratulations to the both of you! 

~Sew Kind of Wonderful~ 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy 50th Anniversary!!

My Father-in-law asked me if I could make something for him that he could give to his sweetheart for their 50th wedding anniversary!

I was honored to do so! One day later I came up with this beauty! 

I love these colors next to the cherry wood. I used the Quick Curve Ruler for the scalloped border. I'm very happy
with the results and my mother-in-law loves it! 

Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad!!